Colourful Mists – Tutorial

Hi there,

In today’s tutorial I’d like to share with you my idea for colourful mists.
There are many products from different brands to choose from if you want to buy ready product but I like to experiment a little and do a bit of DIY.
I bought Pēbēo Colorex dye inks for professional illustrators last year and experimented a little. I love their vibrant colours and versatility. They have great intense colours and at the same time transparency, which I love very much. Many mists on the market are very overpowering and “too much” for my taste, I prefer something subtler. Making my own mixes gave me that freedom. I’m in control and can alter depending on what I want in my art.

The recipe I used with my mixes and with those specific inks is 50ml of water to 1ml of ink (50:1 solution). It works for me, but feel free to try different measures and don’t forget to share your outcomes ;).
Another great advantage is that I can make a lot of mists; the inks are very cost effective in use.

To make your own colourful mists you will need:

  • Water containers with atomiser,
  • Inks (I think dye base are working the best and will give you the best results),
  • Pipet to measure your ink and water amounts,
  • Masking tape and marker to make labels, and steady hand – optional ;).



Prepare your water bottles and fill them with equal amount of water. To do so you can use some measuring jar like for kitchen use or I used container that came with my steam iron to refill the water.



Prepare the inks and pipet to measure amount of ink for mixing with water.



Mix ink with water, close the top and shake vigorously.


Repeat steps 1-3 for each ink to create your mists.

When you finish you’ll have your own collection of colours. You can experiment with amount of ink you mix with water for colour intensity (more ink the more intense colour, less ink paler colour).

Here is my collection of colourful mists:


Some samples:



I used mask to show you how wonderfully delicate and yet intense the colours are:


I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Let me know what you think, if you try, share your results and above all leave a comment.
Happy crafting and see you soon. 🙂

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