reflections gloomy day mont resized

There are days that do not inspire photographically no matter what.

I’m not very fond of rainy days; dull, wet and almost lightless. Despite that, I’m still trying to look for something that I would probably never notice on a sunny day. Things that make great subjects in such conditions are reflections in puddles, droplets of rain on objects, shiny cobblestones, people with umbrellas that add splashes of colour to the dreary atmosphere and everything else that you see and others don’t. So don’t think that rainy day is a lost day. Grab your camera and look for something that you might miss when the sun is shining.

From my side here is an example of such rainy day discovery. I passed that dilapidated window/mirror hundreds of times and never had it grabbed my attention until one day… I got on my knee and I saw a lovely arty composition. I like the rusty colour of… I don’t even know what that is. The mirror reflects building from across the street which is just like a mirage; the textures and contrasts of that hotchpotch are what made me take that shot. So put your wellingtons on and shoot the rainy days blues!

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