Challenge with my New Robotic Friend

Hi there,

Welcome back and forgive me for little delay in posting. Last week was my birthday tam…tam…tam… my hubby got me great present, Silhuette Cameo. It was waiting for that special day way in advance but I was not allowed to open it. Can you imagine what I was going through? I felt like a kid again, another great present from my darling :).
I love, love, love that beauty! Since I got it I can’t get enough of it. I spend my day designing new stuff and trying how intricate things it can cut. My mind is full of ideas. Guess who is not going to be bored during these long winter evenings? Yeah!

Here’s my new robotic friend 😉


So I hope you understand why there was no post last week.

My first design I wanted to share with you is for a challenge on one of my favourite sites, La Fourmi Creative, the theme is Christmas or as we say here in France – Noël.
My design consists of three pages 20×20 cm, put together they make up beautiful 3D frame. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


First cut-out is glued to the background designer paper measuring 20×20 cm. On the edge I stuck pieces of 3D foam all around the frame and…


I carefully attached second cut-out in light grey colour for a bit of contrast and more interest to the design.


Finally on top goes the last layer, also attached with 3D foam and finished off with Dimond Stickles and raffia.

Here is ready design.


That’s all I have for you today. Happy crafting and see you very soon. 🙂

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