A Touch of Winter

It seamed like winter this year wasn’t going to surprise us… well it did. Since Sunday we have snow here and it is chilly for about a week and a half now. I enjoy walks in the forest with my dog. Toto has great time running and rolling. It’s such straightforward joy radiating of him, I feel like a kid myself playing along.

Here are few photos of my frantic dog and winter landscape.

winterwondarlandgates-2012-02-8-23-122.jpg running-2012-02-8-23-122.jpg

jump-2012-02-8-23-122.jpg chestnuts-2012-02-8-23-122.jpg

framed-2012-02-8-23-122.jpg totoslidefirstsnow-2012-02-8-23-12.jpg

Good evening to you all and happy scrap booking.

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