Sunsets in Paris…

Hello scrap bookers,
Have you ever visited Paris? I’m one of the lucky people to leave in the city and believe me even though I know every corner of almost every street it never ceases to amaze me. Every time I walk a familiar path I spot something new I haven’t seen before.
Looking at the evening sky one can feel and understand what all these artist have seen in “the city of light”, as Paris is sometimes called, and why , up until now, so many of them want the Parisian experience. Apart from charming cafes, buzzing streets and typical noise it has to offer calm little hidden streets, unique character of each quarter and most of all, astonishing light for photography. It changes with the seasons and each one has something remarkable to offer to the patient onlooker.
So if you happen to visit Paris don’t rush, take your time, slow down, sip some coffee in one of the street cafés and observe the life passing you by. Let the city unveil in front of your eyes.
The little artwork I wanted to show you today is inspired by Parisian sunsets and mesmerizing colours. I tried different painting techniques using acrylic paint on canvas-like piece of fabric much thinner than the real stuff. As I painted it I made a mistake and after applying gesso I didn’t let it dry properly before applying the colours and it all went wrong as I thought at first, but at the end I decided to use back of the picture as it turned much more interesting than the front, I stamped on it with black archival ink and voila, as French would say;). It has very interesting texture don’t you thing?
Happy scrap-booking and see you soon … maybe in Paris?



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