I have for you another picture from Montmartre. The day was cloudy and lightless but it shouldn’t‚ discourage passionate photographers. When the weather is not on our side we can concentrate on detail, reflections, textures, interesting shapes, unusual angles to look at things we’d normally pass by.

The wall, as you can see, appears not very inspiring yet there’s something about it. I just love that huge bush of lavender bursting out of it with splash of vibrant green and delicate purple flower heads. The texture and monotonous colour of that old wall makes great backdrop for that vibrant plant and empty window beside reviles fleeting look into hidden garden unreachable to the strangers. To the owner it’s a green oasis in a brick and concrete jungle of city leaving.

To give more impressionistic feel to the shot I applied dry brush effect. Being in Montmartre I imagined the wall as one of many paintings being created here. I took a photo but I saw a painting. Photography is an art and quiet unusual one. It immortalizes what’s there once created and recreates it in a way, so why not to use it to express our, personal feelings and impressions. That’s the meaning of creating. Transmit your mood, impression, and feeling about what you photographing. It becomes meaningful and represents your sensitivity to surrounding reality.

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