le bon marche resized 

It is a picture taken in the garden behind Notre Dame. Simple prove, that if walking around Paris one can always expect the unexpected. When I saw that bright orange bag of ‚ÄúLe Bon Marche‚Äù stuck on the head of that statue I just couldn’t resist not to take a shot. There are several elements in that photograph that make it interesting.

The contrasting colours: fresh green of the background and bright orange of the bag. The historical aspect, with emphasis on academia (the books), and modern decadent focused on expenditure. If you look very carefully you can almost see caricature of a face in the crumpled side of the bag. Is it a face of a modern hedonistic society?

Looking at that manifestation one cannot resist asking the question why someone put that bag there?

Was it because they did not like the face of the person honoured in stone? Was it because they enjoyed their shopping, parted with very substantial amount of money and decided to celebrate it? Or was it because they just felt like doing something avant-garde or stupid? I don’t know. Whatever the reason it made me stop, look at that “creation”, ask these questions and take a picture for all those reasons.

What do you think?

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