I took that picture on my last week’s tour of Montmartre. It was a rainy day and that girl with colourful umbrella cough my eye. She didn’t care for all the people around her she just played with her umbrella running up and down the square. You can see movement in the photo it is intentional just to give you the impression how lively the girl was.

Originally the picture was in colour but I really like to tone my photos in sepia. I decided to leave the umbrella and the girl in colour to bring her even more to the attention of the viewer. This technique is used by photographer Bertram Bahner alias Kim Anderson in his black and white photographs of children. His pictures are described as "black and white film touched with subtle bursts of colour that heighten the sense of childhoods gone by."  I must admit I’m a big fan of his work and his beautiful photographs are always an inspiration for me  .

Bahner’s pictures are hand coloured but in the era of digital photography it is very easy to use that technique in Photoshop. All you have to do is convert your photo into black and white, you can go to Image – Adjustments -  Hue and Saturation; desaturate your photograph, and adjust contrast and brightness.  To bring back the colour in your monochromatic photograph the best way is to use …History Brush   ( remember not to crop the picture before you’re done with your artistic creation!).

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