I called this post “Postcards from the Atlantic Coast” because like postcards carry messages those photos carry precious moments in time that I experienced and which are so ephemeral, however, thanks to the magic of photography I can relive them over and over again (well at least for as long as the photograph lasts…)

I want to share with you places I love for their simplicity and beauty. Who needs exotic islands to experience remarkable sunsets when just around a corner one can find such magical spots like those. I hope you’ll agree with me? Look around you’ll be amazed what you can find without even leaving your own back garden… explore little galaxies before moving onto vast foreign universes.


Aytre near La Rochelle.

fishing molo

Pecheries in Aytre near La Rochelle and oyster growing beds.

fishing post

Sunset in Esnandes, pecheries.

dissapearing road

Esnandes, dock.

bridge and clouds

The island Ile de Re is connected to the mainland at LA PALLICE, a suburb of La Rochelle, by a three-kilometre-long toll bridge constructed in 1988. La Pallice was once a big commercial port with important shipyards, and although it still serves as a naval base, times have changed. As you drive past, you’ll notice some colossal weather-stained concrete sheds, submarine pens built by the Germans to service their Atlantic U-boat fleet during World War II. Too difficult to demolish, they are still in use.

toto beach reflections


My dog seems to enjoy his time. My husband and I took him from the animal shelter and even though he’s just with us for two month it feels like we had him for ages…


Simply storm.

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