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Get well card

Hello scrap bookers, Yet another of my early attempts to make a “get well” card. I used an iris folding technique to make the heart. It is little time consuming but incredibly effective technique.... Read More

“Key House”

Hello crafters, Little mixed media arty key hunger that I’ve made for my friends. They’ve just moved into their new house and I wanted to offer them something practical and handmade, hence the ide... Read More

For my friend

Hello crafters, I decided to share with you a card that I made for my friend’s birthday. I’m new to blogging and scrap booking so forgive me clumsiness in my creations but I believe that practice ... Read More


I have for you another picture from Montmartre. The day was cloudy and lightless but it shouldn’t‚ discourage passionate photographers. When the weather is not on our side we can concentrate o... Read More